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             Istanbul, that magnificent city.. One breathtaking Bosporus view, unique architectural structure and historical texture, nightlife and flavors that you never tried before... Would you like to feel the city in a delightful place where you can find them all together? If your answer is YES we are looking forward to having you as our guest where you can experience the culture, history and flavor of Istanbul.           One of the best restaurants of Istanbul, Magnaura awaits you with; Turkish and Ottoman cuisine as well as the world of flavor • Live music and various entertainments • A terrace where you can watch the sunset while sipping a drink • English, German, Spanish speaking staff and a warm welcome            Are you planning to visit us as a group? • With its four different floors, Magnaura Restaurant, offers shuttle services from hotel to restaurant & restaurant to hotel and also special discount opportunities for groups of 15 or more            Where is Magnaura Restaurant? • Between Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, • On Akbiyik Street which is one of the oldest and famous streets in Istanbul, • Just within walking distance to Istanbul's historic and tourist attractions and of the hotel districts. • A few tram stops far to entertainment center, Taksim Square.
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